Sunday, March 25, 2007


Bath Mat Question.

This is my first attempt at log cabin. Did I do something wrong here? I remembered to bind of on the right side but I don't think that I should be seeing any "Vs".

First, it appears that your picture (the one with the book) is of the wrong side of the mat. Is that correct? On the right side of the mat, the first strip would be to your left.

I avoided the 'V' by picking up stitches from the back loop only of the bound-off edge. I really don't think it matters as long as you pick up your stitches the same way for each strip. It's your mat, right?

BTW, love your colors - what are you using?
I had the same problem with the first mat I made.
Did you use the Long Tail cast on? If so, then you should count the cast on row as row #1.
It worked out well when I did it that way.
Good luck.
Even without the longtail, I had that on my first pickup row also, so took Zoe's suggestion after picking up and took the pickup row as row one and that worked for me. The colours are beautiful, and once it is in use, nobody will notice.
I had some V's. I decided that since it was a blanket for a little girl's stuffed animal, it was fine. I thought it looked cool.
Thanks so much for commenting with all your ideas! First off... the picture was of the right side of the mat... I just had the 2nd strip (or I guess it's the first strip right? The first block isn't a strip) which is interesting that you thought it was the back side... that makes me think of a few things.
I did use the long tail cast on. So sounds like I should have counted the cast on row as row#1. I will try that next time.
The colors are Peaches n Creme. Two strands ecru and two strands Peppercorn Ombre that I picked up from Walmart. Size 13 needles.
Oh, these "Vs" appeared only on the 2nd strip.
I had the same problem my Absorba! I ended up purling the whole thing to avoid the V's. It was a nightmare! My hands were in cramps for days afterwards! Still, I love my bathmat, but I doubt I will ever knit it again.
Mine had v's, probably for the reasons stated in earlier comments, but found that they weren't an issue once the mat was finished. The mat is very squishy and elastic, and once it's laying on the floor I don't notice them. And it didn't cause the blanket to warp on me or anything like that.
I was wondering if anyone who has made one of these, has washed it? Can you just throw it in the washing machine?
I recently finished one and washed it with no problem. It neatened it up, too.
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