Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Who cut the cheese?

Evidently, everyone in Lansing. I spent multiple hours today driving from grocery store to grocery store looking for Gruyere for fondue. And everyone was sold out! What are the chances? Evidently, everyone in the greater Lansing area is also having fondue for New Years Eve. The wonderful deli man at Goodriche's (the most amazing grocery store ever, think home town spartan store meets delicatessen/ gourmet store) cut me a piece of something he said would substitute quite well. I've grated it all in advance, and both cheeses, the Emmenthaler (the substitute) and the Swiss are amazing!

Mr. M and I will be having traditional Swiss fondue and chocolate fondue for dessert tonight while watching movies and drinking champagne. The party that we were planning on attending was canceled last minute and I decided that we should have an even better party at home. Inspired by Ina Garten, I opted for casual with amazing food!

It's been another great year, full of trial and triumph, love and loss and lots of knitting. See you next year, same place.

Too bad you won't let others join. I bet some on the list aren't using the blog and it sure hurts someone new that could be enjoying it.
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