Monday, March 26, 2007


Tailgate rag rug

Hi all. I have a question for those who have made the tailgate rag rug. This is going to sound silly but where does one get the rag balls? I was going to buy fabric and cut them but I though there must be an easier way (or at least I hope there is). Thanks for your help.


I have the ubiquitous pile of shirts that need to be thrown away because they've developed holes, stains, don't fit, you know... I have a hard time parting with my clothes, so making them into rag yarn sort of gives them a second life.

That said, I have seen it at random antique malls and craft fairs. People do make it and sell it. Although there's an extra satisfaction to making your own, if you ask me.
Try buying skirts and such at tag sales or thrift stores - especially when they are running clearance sales and you can buy by the pound or by the bag.
I'm working on one now. I just bought clearance fabric at WalMart and cut it into strips and tied it together and made it into a ball. It's working pretty well so far.
Rag balls are nothing more than strips of fabric. Some people make them out of old clothes, but a method I like best is to buy some fabric you like and cut it into a bias strip. For instruction on how to do this, just google, "how to make a bias strip". My mother uses these to bind quilts and out of 1 yard of fabric you will get an obscene strip that you can knit free of knots for about 6 months or so.
I bought some vintage rag balls on Ebay and they're good, except the seller Fabreezed them rather alot. I guess they were a bit pungent. In retrospect, I will make my own when I run out. Good luck.
I saw some new ones for sale last week when I was visiting family in West Michigan. I can't remember if it was Hobby Lobby or JoAnn Fabrics.

Thanks for all the tips. I think I will make my own.
Do you have a rotary cutter (ie for quilting)? They could really speed up the process as far as the cutting.

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