Thursday, May 31, 2007


Baby Halter Tops

While this isn't MDK knitting, it's certainly MDK inspired:

Both are knitted with cotton and also inspired by the Katja baby halter top on Knitty. I just wanted to play with the pattern.

The top halter is sized for an 18 month old. The bottom is for a 3 month old and I wrote out the pattern for it.

If there is interest, I could write out the pattern for the top one, too.

Those came out very cute!!! Thanks for sharing the pattern. Ü
i am not sure i understand how these are MDK inspired? i am sorry i don't mean to be rude.
1) Knit with cotton. I didn't understand the beauty of SnC/PnC cotton until I knitted a Kimono and a couple of warshrags.

2) Sizing is based on the Kimono.

3) Some of the modifications I did were inspired by some of the modifications I've seen on this KAL.

4) A baby halter top just seems so southern. . .
Those are very cute... I would love the 18 month old pattern since that's my daughter's size!!! Thanks!!!
Those do remind me of the katja pattern from knitty....very sweet. I've thought about knitting that pattern for my daughter too.
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