Sunday, June 03, 2007


Big Dotty Pillow

Pattern: Big Dotty Cushion from Mason Dixon Knitting by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
Yarn: Rowan Handknit Cotton in 205 (Linen), 239 (Ice water), 253(Tope), and 315 (Double chocolate).
Needles: Size 6 clover circulars.
Timeline: A month?

I gave this to my brother for Christmas. Of course, it was still on the needles... I finished it up a few days afterwards, and my mom sewed it up with a denim fabric back that closes with velcro. This pattern was so much fun! It is amazing what slipped stitches can do. It looks much harder than it actually was...

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Really nice work! I'm glad to know it isn't really that hard. I might try one myself.
I started this 3 months after learning how to knit. It was simple. :o)
Very cool. Looks very retro to me... :-)
Love it!! You've inspired me to make one for myself.
Your pillow is inspiring. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful colors. Slip stitch? I can do that. Thanks for the encouragement.
so pretty!
LOVE that!! And I love your color choices.
Wow, I love it!! I might even make a jumbo one for my kiddo's to use in my living room! Thanks for the inspiration. I really love the colors you chose to use btw.
I really love this! The colors are great.
Great idea! I am seeing this in punk colors for the basement....tropical colors for my bedroom....great summer knitting about to get underway!
Really nice. The colors work real well together.
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