Friday, September 29, 2006


Working my way through

I've done ump-teen felted baskets, and now I'm working on a wardrobe of baby kimonos (my little town is a baby factory). I'm thinking the Tailgate Rag Rug may be next--I think I remember a box of old clothes sitting in the storage shed...

I like the icord tie.. It will probably hold up better than ribbon... I will have to use it on next kimono.
I, too, like the i-cord tie! How many stitches? And does the one tie actually hold it shut okay?
The first thing I thought was "I love that i-cord tie" guess I'm not the only one!
what yarn did you use? So soft and fuzzy looking.
That is beautiful.
It looks so plush. Loving the icord ties. Beautiful
Great kimono, you did a really nice job on it. The color is yummy. I always use i-cord ties when I make baby booties, because I like them so much better than ribbon. I also used i-cord to make a loop that looped around the button on a sweater instead of button holes. I was thinking that if I make a kimono I would do i-cord, now after seeing your's I know I will.
Very nice kimono. I'll second the comments about the i-cord and second the question about the yarn. What is the yarn?
The i-cord was done over 3 stitches (can it get any easier?). The yarn was some hand-dued Hibiscus cotton yarn that I lucked into at Goodwill.
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