Monday, November 27, 2006


Log cabin afghans

Getting close to the end....this is my courthouse steps log cabin. I just love how the colors are turning out!

Baby Log Cabin on its way! I bought some boy flannel to attach to the back when it is finished.

Love the log cabin afghan. So many beautiful color variations on this blog; it's so hard to choose one!

What the heck is 'boy flannel'?
It really is beautiful!
Ooh! I love the colors! What yarn is it?
I was wondering what yarn you used for the courthouse steps, too!

I think "boy flannel" is flannel fabric that is more of a boy theme and traditional boy colors. :-)
I like the colors in your log cabin. I'm working on one right now and it's about 44" or so wide at the moment. I'm making it with Simply Soft in random colors, using up stash. But then I ran out of stash and had to go buy more...........LOL
What a lovely courthousestep blanket! Wonderful colors.
Those colors look great!
I visit your blog and sheep in the city every time I'm online. ( you two inspire me!)I love your blogs. I'm glad you posted these afghans here, I know you've been working hard on them both. You've done a supurb job on them. They are stunning. I hope you can finish the log cabin one by the end of the year that would be a real accomplishment! Good Luck--happy knitting ^.^
Wow, these are both gorgeous.
This is really beautiful. I love the colors, and I love the way they contrast.
that's absolutely gorgeous - what kind of yarn are you using?
Sooo cuuuute I can't stand it. My boys are too old for cute and I missit.
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