Monday, March 26, 2007


Another Kimono, and hat!

I have just finished my first kimono and hat set for a baby shower gift, and have another one to make before this Friday! There is a double baby shower at work. I have been lurking here for a while, and just thought I would share!

That set is so pretty! What yarn did you use, and where did you get the hat pattern?
The yarn is actually Red Heart Soft, which works up surprisingly well. The hat pattern is from this blog:
Very cute hat! Looks like it would stay on and stretch for growth. Did you create the pattern yourself?
Those are the sweetest!!!
The hat is very stretchy! I have made others a bit longer for an older baby. Unfortunately, I did not create the pattern... but I have posted a link to the original.
I love it!! What a great gift!!
Hi, I love the kimono! I have just knit one myself in stockinette stitch, but am having a little trouble with getting a nice flat seam under the arms. I mattress stitched the side seams and they turned out great, but mattress stitch doesn't seem to work well for the arm seams. What kind of seam did you use? (I'm a new knitter and can use all the help I can get! LOL!)
Aw, what a cute set.
The matching hat is a really nice touch.
I wish that I could get your pattern for the hat, in larger sizes. (I knit in the round for hats)
I'd like to start on the kimono soon, but 1st I've got to clear up some of my UFO's. lol.
I wish that they would have made the kimono pattern, in various sizes.
Being a fairly new knitter, I doubt I'd ever be able to figure out different sizes.
And I have no child around, to judge by clothing.
And overall infant sizing charts online, are all over the map. lol.
Anyways, great job!
It looks great. :)
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