Friday, April 06, 2007


Baby kimono question

I started the heartbreakingly cute baby kimono yesterday, and am now decreasing on the sleeves. I know newborns are obviously very small, but - 4 inches of cuff makes for a very, very small armhole opening, especially picturing how it will be when the seam's sewn up. So, basically I'm looking for reassurance here, that this will be a good gift.

Are you knitting in garter stitch or stockinette? The garter stitch stretches quite a bit... for the stockinette, I have added a couple more rows because it looked a bit small to me also.
I agree with Jenn. In garter stitch 4inches is really OK. In Stockinette Stitch you need to add a few rows. I didn't with my first in SS and the sleaves were a tad *tight* but it did fit the baby, so not a total lost.
ITA about the giving qualities of garter stitch, but I left about a half inch vent at the wrist of both sleeves to ease the on/off thing.
Yep, I'm doing st st, which won't have the give of garter st. So maybe I'll go back & adjust it a bit. Thanks!
I was a scaredy cat, so when knit mine in garter I added 4 extra rows at the beginning and then at the end of the sleeve to slightly increase the sleeve circumference just in case the baby had chubby arms!
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