Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Log Cabin blanket

Ok, here we go again. I believe this to be my 7th try at this post this morning. Here is my completed blanket! DD loves it. It started out as a multi color Absorba, she saw it told me it would make a wonderful blanket, so there you go. She now has the warmest heaviest blanket we need that in So. Cal.! Everyone here is making some truly gorgeous items., keep it up. Edited: here's my new blog.

Wow, that is gorgeous, great job. (and my cat's name is DD)
Beautiful colors- what kind of yarn?
What fun! I love it! Have you found, like I have, that these log cabins are addictive? I just cannot seem to stop! Thanks for sharing such a bright, happy blanket.
Oh my gosh, this was such a blast. the yarn is Sugar & Cream (yep the same as for dishcloths) thanks for the comments, and yes, log cabin is totally addicting.
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