Monday, April 02, 2007


Finished Mitered Square Blanket

I finished my mitered square blanket:

A couple more pictures and my final thoughts about the project are on my blog.

Your blanket is gorgeous! It's a great balance of brights and neutrals. I read on your blog how you did the colors -- very interesting! I haven't used Tahki cotton, but now I want to.
Love it love it love it. I am so wanting to make one of these. It's just gorgeous! Congratulations! --Sally
In awe! Aren't you happy you did it? Don't you want to cast on just one more miter? xoxo Kay
Beautiful! I love how you arranged the squares.

You're inspiring me to get back on the horse and finish my mitered square purse.
Must mitre more often.....great job.
Gorgeous, eye-popping blanket! thank you for explaining your color "system" on your blog. It makes a lot of sense to me and allows for original but eye-pleasing juxtapositions. I love it.
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