Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Baby Genius Wash Cloths

I had some leftover yarn from working on my never ending mitered squares and whipped up a few wash cloths in the baby genius pattern. I gifted the blue one to my grandma and she's doing the trial run. It's just a little leftover PnC. I couldn't get over how little yarn it took, a lot less than the ballband.

Pictures on my blog (scroll to the bottom).

Those look great! I made a large-ish sized baby genius dishrag for wiping the tables in my classroom, and my coworkers are begging me to make more! It's a great pattern for a dishcloth, along with the ballband.
Cool idea! Looks like you cast on 30 stitches? What size needles did you use, and what are the finished dimensions?
I used size six needles and they're approx. the same size as the smaller cast on ballbands. When I get home from work I'll measure them for you.
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