Friday, March 30, 2007


Ballband = Car Knitting

I love this pattern and it is so easy to memorize. It has become my car knitting for traffic lights and waiting to pick up my kids. Here is the latest, pic taken in progress before I had my car thoroughly cleaned.
car knitting
I just finished it on Wednesday and Smokey modeled it for me.
Smokey and the Ballband
This is my first post on the new blogger since I moved my blog to typepad. I am still planning to knit a curtain using the MD scribbles principle however other things just get in the way. My mom wants white dishcloths for Mother's Day so I have already started. I am going to be on top of things this time.

Great washcloth.

Your Smokey looks just like my Olive. She was almost named Smokey by my husband (her brother is still known as Bandit), but I changed her name to Olive after her lovely eyes.
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