Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Round and round and round and round

I have toyed with the idea of knitting the bobbled warshrag since I first read the MD book. It looked terribly complicated, which both intrigued and scared me. I've never done bobbles, but I do like to try new things. It might have gone smoother if I had read the pattern right the first time. It would have certainly gone smoother if I hadn't twisted the stitches when I joined the circle. But it's done and it mostly looks like it should. My eyelits came out a little wonky - any thoughts on that? Despite my technical difficulties, I really like this pattern. I will try it again. I can see it also being a good inspiration - a dolly skirt? the edge of a scarf?

This one will be gifted to my mom, who will like it wonky eyelits and all.


Good for you. I too have been eying it and thinking it was too tough for me.
Wonky eyelets are better than what I got - I think this pattern is HARD. Your mother will be thrilled.
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