Monday, April 02, 2007


Stashbusting with a Log Cabin

I'm on a serious stashbusting yarn diet as of late. This project was started to use up my ridiculously large stash of Caron Simply Soft. I used size 8 circulars with logs of 6 ridges wide. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and I LOVE what it's done for my stash! This blanket is baby-blanket sized.

This is beautiful. I love your colors! --Sally
Wow! I count about 12 different colors, is that right? It's amazing!
It's beautiful! I love the strong colors.
That is beautiful
That's one of the prettiest log cabins I've seen yet :) I need to do the same thing with my acrylic stash.
wow. I absolutely love it.
It's really stunning. I love the colors. I made one too and it was such fun that I might have to make another.
Super blanket!! Great job! I love the colour selection!
that looks wonderful!
Actually, it's 16 colors - 8 different colors on each corner. The funny thing is that I didn't plan out the colors at all. I just used all of my stash yarn, and it worked out that way! Thanks for all the comments!
I love the depth of color!
Excellent use of Caron Simply Soft! That acrylic has some great colors and makes some of the softest items and I think it's a great value for "volume" knitting :o) Beautiful Log Cabin--and now I'm inspired to make one for my toddler's bed. --Jennie
Simply gorgeous!
It's glorious! Nice work!
WOW! Looka all that yummy technicolor goodness! My 8 year old would LOVE LOVE LOVE it, and my 3 year old would fight her for it!
That is stunning! Great colors.
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