Saturday, April 07, 2007


I'm Ba-ack!

I finally have something to post to the knit-a-long after much too much time away. This is the start of my Bubbly Curtain. I've been longing for one since I got the book, but held off because my window is much (much!) larger than recommended.

So. Before I get any further, I could use some advice/suggestions/help. Those of you that made larger curtains, did you work the pattern as given? Or did you repeat part of the lower section? The part with lots of bubbles? I'm wondering if the effect of the bubbles rising will be lost on a 30.5 by 54 inches curtain. I was thinking about working rows 21 through 47 twice and then going on in pattern.

Maybe I'm over-thinking this?

Julie McC.
Where if you hunt around a bit, you can also find my Perfect Sweater Saga (she wrote, shamelessly trolling).

Looks amazing so far. I love this pattern so much. I really need to try it.
That's why I haven't started mine, yet... because I want the "lots of bubbles" section to be longer, too. I'm wanting to make one for my back patio door.

First I thought I'd draw out the chart and then just place my own bubbles to accommodate the height of my door. Then I thought maybe I could just add some rows into the original pattern. Lots of options, and I haven't been ambitious enough to try any of them. I'll keep checking here to see if anyone else has any ideas. :)

Good luck on your curtain!
i've not made the bubble curtain, and i'm no designer, but i can offer my opinion. i think that it's not such a bad idea to continue with the more 'stockinettey' part of the top of the repeat: not pile up the bubbles. i think the light will come through the more plain top part of the pattern beautifully; which is what i'm hoping for when i work up the nerve to make one for my bathroom. by the way, what sort of 'non-boingy' yarn are you using, and do you have a suggestion for a knitter on a budget? hope yours is coming along well...
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