Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Absorba the Colorful

I finally made my long-planned kitchen Absorba in a rainbow of colors. I used two strands of the double-worsted Peaches & Creme that I ordered way back in April when I found out that you could order online direct from Elmore-Pisgah.



That is gorgeous - love your color combos!
That is gorgeous - love your color combos!
That's so beautiful! I love it.
Wow! Fabulous!!!!!
Awesome! Also like the colors of the tile backsplash LOL.
it's adorable. i love the colors you chose.
Great job, how cheerfuls
Your absorba is great... and your kitchen is wonderful! Nice!

Can I come over?
Very fun!
I love it - such happy colors! It goes well with your kitchen.
It's great - but do you really want to step on it?
I love the colors! So bright and cheery. Nice job :)
Thanks for all the nice words! Yes, I do want to step on it. It feels great, and it goes through the washer and dryer very well so far. And I'd like it if it fades some eventually.
wow I love that kitchen rug... hmm i might have to make one of those.
Ooh! Very nice!
Very bright, very colourful, very nice!!
Looks great. The colors are excellent. That's on my list to do also.
Dang, that's one nice absorba!
What size needles did you use to make your absorba??
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