Saturday, September 15, 2007


Baby Kimono

Here's my completed baby kimono in two heathered shades of Knitpicks Swish superwash: Indigo (body) and Lemongrass (trim). I widened the sleeves a couple of inches so the cuffs wouldn't be so very narrow, and overall I like the way it turned out. I think it gives the baby a little more room to grow without making it too large for a newborn. Now I need to make a pair of Baby Longhies (from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac) in matching colors....

I've made two of these kimonos and I have been disappointed that the sleeves were so narrow. My grandson will be born next week, so I do not think I have time to redo these garments. The first thing I noticed about yours was the wider sleeve, and then I read along and you said that is indeed what you did. Wonderful. They are so deliciously cute.
I like Knitpicks yarn! I am glad to see you had such a great success with their yarn. I will try it next time and your sleeve widening idea.
Wow, beautiful.
Wonderful, I was wondering how to make it bigger for size 4T ?
I'm wondering if you used 2 needles or 3 or if you put the side you weren't currently working on onto stitch holders? I'm new to this... I would also like to know if anyone has tried to knit bigger versions... I would like to do one for a 14 month old. Em emandmikeyATaolDOTcom
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