Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Dishrag in Action!


My fiancé and I just returned from a lovely vacation in western North Carolina. We stayed at a 19th-century farmhouse, and I whipped up a couple of dishrags as a thank-you gift. This one was put into service almost immediately!

I've started making a dishrag on the way to visit friends so I can leave it as a hostess gift, too. It has worked out really well. You can start it before you leave and finish on the plane or in the car. Good Work!
I love the blue and white together. They have a vintage vibe, which looks great in the vintage kitchen.
I really like the blue and white dishrag, what yarn was used? What is the color name?
I used Peaches & Creme yarn (100% cotton) in White and Faded Denim.
Thank you for letting me know what yarn you used. I have now made two dishrags, one with the White and Faded Denim and the other with Sage Green and Country Side Ombre (Sugar'n Cream by Lily). I am working on another with Light Blue and Faded Denim. These insidious little dishrags are addicting! I just love seeing what the color combination look like in the finished product. I have plans for many more. I am going on a trip and plan to knit on the plane and give the dishrags as gift when I arrive. One thing I have noticed in making these dishrags is that if the two yarns are not of high contrasting colored yarn you can accidentally be knitting with the wrong yarn (A verses B).
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