Sunday, July 29, 2007


'Notha Log Cabin:)

Here is the first of four log cabin motifs I'm using for a baby blanket for a new niece or nephew - not sure which one yet! I just love this pattern. It is obviously the simplest stitch, but not so mindless you lose what little mind you have left - and there are so many options with colors. This one is on the cool side of the spectrum as any great niece or nephew from our family would be LOL! Well three more to go - how bad can that be? (better not say that...):)

Great color combo! Keep us posted on progress.
how many hours in a regular sized blanket of this design? I'm trying to find a pattern for my sons as they graduate from HS - first one is in 2 years. Given my tink-reknit capacity and the other projects in the works, it might take me that long!

It sounds like the pattern is easy enough for a moderate beginner, yes?
I think it is - once you get started, it's really easy! But it does take a while. It's the kind of project you want to have handy for TV watching time, LOL!
Joan a/k/a FSK
Log Cabins are just about the best!!
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