Saturday, July 21, 2007


Button Knot Bib or Dish Cloth?

Knot Bib or Dish Cloth?


been thinking about how to make the basic bib more basic. The
challenge then was how to sit down, finish the bib and not have to go hunting
for buttons or decide what color buttons would look best, sewing that button on
the bib, and, in the end, how to put a little more LIFE into my bibs. I can't be
the only one who has noticed it's similarity to the humble cloth used in either
the kitchen or bath. With this twist on the design, I think I may have come up
with a solution: Details on my blog

where there are instructions and a free
. CatKnitz.

This is really cute! It's a novel idea - I don't know that I've seen anything similar to it before.
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