Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Rounding the Bend

I'm 10 miters away from being done with my blanket! Boy, am I excited to see it all done, blindingly stripy in all it's glory. I really want to back it with some nice cotton, has anyone backed theirs before? I've got the sewing skills, can you explain how you did yours please? Thank you!
Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I'm one EXCITED girl!

That is one big fantastic curtain.

So encouraging to see someone go for the curtain!

xo Kay
From someone still with a few to go...ahem...but past the half way mark-congratulations. Do let us know how long the sewing up takes! I joined the slogalong to try and get myself going and instantly discovered that I'd managed to knit 12 squares on size 7 instead of size 6 so I have to redo them....I'll get there eventually, I'm sure!
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