Friday, June 08, 2007


My first ballband!

My very first! It's for my sister. She asked me to make her some kitchen washrags months ago and gave me this yarn to work with. It's been so long I can't remember the brand but I'm pretty sure it was Peaches and Cream. I only did one color since the yarn itself was multicolored. I also made it shorter than the pattern says to. I don't like big washrags and this was the perfect size (11 ball band strips as opposed to 13). I did it on 8's too since I didn't want to find my 7's. :) I have enough to make one more with a strip of solid red in the center. I can't wait!

Cute. I really like how the slipped stitches look in the same color yarn.
I like that you did it all in one color.. Just the other day I was wondering how that would look! Now I know, so I better cast on!
I love how the Ballband pattern works up - I am envisioning my next ballband project in a throw rug for in front of my kitchen sink (in my head it seems like it would be soooooo comfy). Also, now that I know how it would look in one color, that will probably be the way I go with it. Thanks. =)
I usually only do 11 stripes instead of 13, too! Funny :-)

It turned out great!
Nice. I love the colors.
Very nice. Congratulations on the first of many ballbands. Welcome to the club. :)
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