Wednesday, June 13, 2007



Months after I put my Bubbly curtain aside, I finally picked it up again and did the piddly finishing work -- weaving in the ends, blocking, making the hanging cord -- and now it's hanging in my kitchen window and it's BEAUTIFUL!

Now I only need two more for the bathroom windows....

This curtain is WONDERFUL! It can be so hard to pick up projects for the dreaded finishing but how gratifying! Good job!
It looks fabulous!
Awesome! I bet it's gorgeous with the sunshine streaming through! Congratulations. It looks great.

Your curtain is beautiful! And it reminds me of yet another Mason Dixon project I want to do someday...
that is soo great! it looks perfect there! what yarn is it?
Thanks for the nice comments, everyone! It's made from the same Euroflax linen recommended in MDK, just in the cream color.
Wow, that is gorgeous! Do you have a blog?
Thanks, Debbie! I blog at
That is beautiful!!!
It's truly a work of art. I'll bet it will make you smile every time you look at it. Well worth the effort.
It's husband's grandmother used to do this sort of thing. I am so amazed that someone would have the patience to do this.
What a beautiful curtain. I wish I had a small window. I may try it as a valance. I live in Florida and all my windows are mostly sliders, so much glass. They are mostly uncovered to let in the sunshine and light. How long did it take you and what are the dimensions?
Just the inspiration I needed to finally cast on for my own "Bubbly". We painted two months ago, and the bathroom window is still just sitting there 'nekkid'. Good thing the glass is frosted and my apartment's on the fifth floor.
Its gorgeous! I do so want one for my bathroom window. I'm inspired :)
Absolutely beautiful!
Cool. :-)
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