Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Oh Baby, what a bother

This is my second MD sweater. I thought I was so smart this time adding extra inches so I would get a nicer cross over. I read the directions but apparently not very closely. I missed the line that said to start increasing at the neck edge and instead knit straight until the sleeve was four inches and it was time to starte decreasing at the arm hole edge. Of course I didn't figure out my mistake when the cross overs came up short. Instead, I frogged back half way and started adding two stitches per row. I didn't realize what I'd done wrong until I was half way through the next side! By then, it was too late to go back. I managed to save the project with a crochet border that made up for the heighth. It looks like it will fit (fingers crossed).

Just call it a design detail. As it is for a little girl (I am assuming from the flower on the hat.), I think the crochetted edging is perfect.
It looks like everything is in proportion, so don't worry. It looks cute!
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