Thursday, August 02, 2007


A question

Has anyone made the nightie? I was wondering if it would work to knit it in the round? Or, do you think it 'needs' the side seaming for proper drape/fit? I really don't like seaming things and would like to avoid it if I can ... any thoughts?

Kay has posted about someone knitting the nightie. It's the April 24, 2007 post. I don't remember what specifics of construction were mentioned, but I hope this will help you.
Here is another blog that talks about the nightie (using tiny URL):
I think you can knit it in the round without any problem, but I'd recommend a phony seam (Elizabeth Zimmermann technique described in our Blu baby jeans pattern on to counteract the linen yarn's tendency to bias/twist.

Somebody just blogged about knitting one and then having her daughter request one too. xoxo Kay
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