Sunday, October 21, 2007


woolly thoughts log cabin project... morphed

Hi all: way back when (last year sometime!) I had posted here about starting a project - the Tilting at Windmills afghan by Pat Ashforth at Woolly Thoughts. Some at the time had been interested in seeing the end result.

Well, it went into abeyance shortly after I started as I started getting into different stuff. However, I resurrected the part I had finished recently and it has now morphed into this:

This piece combines knitting and mosaic (as opposed to "mosaic knitting!" LOL) The detail photo shows the knitting component more clearly, I think:

More info and specs on my blog. The TTC log cabin (commuter log cabin made using swatches) is still in progress as well.

I love it!!

Oh my gosh that's amazing! I've been trying to think of a way to hang some knitting as a headboard piece in the master bedroom, and now...I've been inspired!!

Keep up the awesome work!
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