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length of time for dishcloths

Hi all:

Wondering how long, on average, it takes the dedicated folks here to knit warshcloths and/or dishcloths. I am driven by the sorry state of my kitchen (and by getting sick of the cheapo washcloths and dishcloths at the local Loblaws) to think about knitting some :-)



It takes me about 3 hours. I am not a very fast knitter, though, so I am sure that others can finish them more quickly. Good luck!
I would guess about 2 - 3 hours total. It has been awhile since I made one. Once you get in the rythm it is quick.
It used to take me about 3 hours to knit a dishcloth but now I can do a dishcloth in about 2 hours.
I can start & finish one in an evening of prime time television, as long as the pattern is repetitive and easy to memorize.
Sounds good! (guess I could have just tried it... but have been so impressed by the samples I've seen on this board!).

I'd say it takes me a good four hours to do a ballband "warshcloth," but I haven't been knitting very long so I think I'm rather slow. Now, one like a "grandmother's favorite" I can get done in a couple hours.
This doesn't really have anything to do with dishclothes (except for the knitting and cotton part and stuff like that) I was wondering how wide the burp bib is how long and the measurements. I'm on my first one so I have no clue. I also have no clue how big babies bibs are becasue this is for a friend. Thanks
I am not a fast knitter at all. I make dishcloths as gifts and they take me a weekend of on and off knitting. Easy and quick. I usually make them with 33 stitches, sometimes the 45 stitches as suggested, but I like the size of the smaller cloth.
I contend it takes me no time at all, since I knit while doing other things--watching TV, waiting for a dr appt, etc. Knitting doesn't take time away from other activities. Shopping for dishcloths, however, is an exceedingly boring activity that takes me away from fun activities. Therefore, it takes much longer to shop for dishcloths than to knit them. (Like my logic?) :)
anon wrote:
< Therefore, it takes much longer to shop for dishcloths than to knit them. (Like my logic?) >

LOVE it. Very good. I will use that! And I agree wholeheartedly that shopping for washcloths (or shopping in the stores that carry them) is extremely boring. Manage to con DH into doing most of this type of shopping as he has days off during the week and I don't. ;-)
I can make one in 24 hours doing all my regular stuff, too. So it's probably 3 -4 hrs of knitting max. Good luck. They fly off the needles and are very addictive.
I don't consider myself a fast knitter, but I can make one during any full length movie (plus the previews!).
I had never timed myself before, but in the car to Seattle & back (about 3 hours) last Saturday I nearly finished an entire ballband. I got much faster once I started using my Addi Turbos instead of bamboo. I think the cotton sort of sticks to the wood in a friendly frictiony sort of way.
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