Friday, February 23, 2007


Heartbreaking question

I have finally made my first heartbreakingly cute kimono and guess what? It's heartbreakingly cute! I have a question on the ties. How did you attach them? Was I supposed to sew them in before I sewed up the side seam? Also, I remember seeing some kimonos with ribbon laced through the yarn overs on the front - how were the ends (by the neck) attached? Thanks!

I assume you are using ribbon ties? If so, I would have sandwhiched the side ribbon between the side seams and then sew the other ribbon to the wrong side of the triangle. But since I assume you have also seamed the sweater already, I think it would be fine to just stitch the side ribbon close to the side. I elected to do icord ties and just picked up four stitches on the side and corner. I also did smaller crochet ties on the inside to hold everything in place.
OOPs, I forgot the other question. If you made eyelet with yos then just thread the ribbon in and out of the holes. I liked the person who carried the ribbon across the neck (tacking it along) which I think gave it a more finished look. Then of course with the ends you will want to fold over on itself to hide raw edges and sew to bottom edges of sweater.
Thanks Heather,
I like your i-cord and crochet chain idea.
This is so terrific!

This was the very question I needed to ask -- I am almost at the 'attach ties' point -- and voila! here you are answering me.

Thanks all...
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