Thursday, February 15, 2007


MD Warshcloth

I'd say "Dayum, I'm good" because I knit this while firmly planted in front of American Idol but I have to admit I did rip twice early on.

For anyone else who's knit this, were yours ruffly too? I don't mind the look but I do think I must have messed it up.

Hit my blog for another picture.

Get it wet, lay it out flat. It dries perfectly flat. :) They all kind of gather up before they are wetted, in my experience.
Agreed, except every time I launder mine, it curls back up. I absolutely do not have the patience to block something everytime I wash it, and after all, it's a wash cloth. I accept that it will be ruffly when dry and call it a design feature.
I don't know what it is *supposed* to look like... but I love this one. A nice frilly washcloth! Great colour too.
Mine is slightly "ruffly," but less so than yours. It seems like mine has about an inch and a half more at the edges than it should... I gave it as a present, so I have no idea how it has behaved since laundering.
KB, it looks a little pink in the shot but it's just Peaches N Cream red. Your basic everyday red.

The ruffliness is great because I'm giving it to a guy friend! SUCK a girly boy!

Thanks for all the comments.
I had to rip mine out the first couple times I CO. Then I thought "hmmmm, stitch markers!" Made things SO much easier.

And yes, wet & block the first time.

The frilliness after washing doesn't bother me since it's going back into circulation soon!
Oops! I meant to say "SUCH a girly boy." I'm working on his burp cloth handtowel now. He'll love it!
Your cloth is so pretty. I love the color. Mine turned out like yours..won't lay flat. I used cotton chenille. I love it just the same. Someone suggested doing one less section. I haven't tried that yet.

happy knitting :)
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