Wednesday, February 07, 2007


curve of pursuit... (almost) finished

Almost finished with the border but wanted to post the blanket with final "square" finished because I'm quite happy with it :-) and because I'm going to ruminate on the style of border (mitered or log cabin? colour/s?) for a while. Perhaps will whip up a sweater which will seem like light work after this (but it was fun)

Pattern available at with thanks to Pat and Steve.



For full specs please see my blog

Very cool! I like the way you've done the colors. I didn't realize until I looked at the picture full-size that you had used some of the colors in all 4 sides -- ties it all together well.
This is really an amazing blanket. Nice work!
The blanket is beautiful!
Wow, that is so artistic. Love the way you grouped the colors. Very nice :)

happy knitting :)
Really gorgeous. Congratulations.
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