Thursday, February 01, 2007


Finished meitered-square blanket

I've finally finished this blanket, I've had it in progress for 2 seasons now. It is going to my sister for one of her babies - she had twins a few months ago. I'm so happy with it though, I want to keep it for myself! The official stats are over at my blog.

Ooh, what lovely colors! One of the nicest ones I've seen. Congrats!
Very nice colors! Pretty baby blanket for sure, but I can see why you'd want to keep it yourself,hahaha!
Wow- I just love the colors you've used- beautiful choice! And a beautiful blanket.
Looks wonderful :)

Noticed that your post went up 5x. You could delete the other four in the dashboard (have done this myself when blogger has been acting up).
Yikes! I just noticed the 4 extra posts - stupid blogger. I'm trying to get them off, it's doing the same crap it did last night to me. Anyway, thanks!
Lovely color choices, great blanket.
Hi Lauren

hey, no worries. 5 posts are probably not enough considering the beauty of your blanket. :-)

And I agree, blogger is so frustrating.
LOL, finally got rid of them!
Those are really lovely colours. Very pretty!
Really nice use of a limited palette! I'm currently working on one of these, but in a magpie collection of tropical sort of colors. Mine, however is not a baby blanket.
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