Thursday, January 25, 2007


Heartbreakingly Cute!

I'm working on the Heartbreakingly cute baby kimono right now, and I'm loving the knit! Here's some progress:

Why is everyone leaving the KAL for the new Blogger? I just updated to the new version and I had no trouble and didn't have to leave any blogs behind!

Mine won't let me update to the new blogger even though it says it should. Annoying. I'm guessing others are having the same problem.
So cute! Great yarn color too.
I updated to the "New" blogger a couple months ago, and so far haven't had any problems posting.
Your kimono looks great, what yarn did you use?

I was, finally, able to update my blog to the new version and lost no blogs.
When I tried to update, the error message said my blogs were too big (or something like that). Since this one had 1300+ messages and the other 4 had less than 400 combined, I figured this was the culprit and asked to unsubscribe. I was able to switch as soon as that took effect.

Your kimono is very nice!
I really like your kimono. I was able to switch to the new blogger awhile back myself, and haven't experienced any big problems either. I'm pleased to see that the kal is now new too, yeah!
I love your Kimono! I just finished one myself but have not attached the ribbons. I honestly don't even know how. Did you use a machine or hand stitc them in? Thanks!
Can someone give me some assistance. I have finished left side of the Kimono, but I do not understand about the yarn over for the right side. Is the yarn over done as a purl or a knit? Since I am new to knitting, I cannot figure it out. Thanks for any help.
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