Tuesday, January 23, 2007


First FO of 2007!

It's a Baby Genius Coaster! Love the pattern, needed new coasters, had leftover yarn...it was a no brainer! Details on my blog.

Cool idea! I desperately need some new coasters too. Thanks for sharing.
I must say I've never thought of knitted coasters...fab idea!

I have a co-worker who is crazy about the new laminating machine in the office... perhaps I could knit a couple up and hand them over to her? Stainproof, spillproof, knitted coasters... hmmm. (copyright in event no other genius has thought of this , hee hee hee)
how neat! i may have to make a few of those! : )
Thanks for the idea. Am really trying to use up bits and pieces from my MD warshrag supply. The coasters would be a great way to do it. I have already made face cloths with this baby burp cloth pattern and they look really cute.
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