Thursday, January 18, 2007


geometric hanging - 1/4 done! (well, sort of)

Please don't worry - I won't be giving constant updates! I had posted a sketch of this project earlier in the month and someone said "post updates!" so I feel I can bore you :-)

1/4 of the knitting is now done. For more info, please see my blog. Please note the blue centre is quite a bit deeper in "real life" (as opposed to cheapo digital camera life, that is...)

The part that I've sewn together...

... and sewing yet to come! (agh)

Thanks to Pat and Steve from Woolly Thoughts for the pattern and for otherwise feeding my blankie fetish!

Very nice! Not boring at all. As a newish knitter I really enjoy the visual as to how things are knit together. Excellent!
Looks great.
Now that's an interesting pieced blanket - I love to knit vicariously through this KAL but this one might get copied - looking forward to more updates!
Diane, Check out the inspiration here:

and here:

... then create your own.
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