Monday, January 15, 2007


Do you wash and block?

Do you wash/block your bibs O love before gifting them?
More baby knitting on my blog.

I haven't done any bibs. However, I do wash and iron (block) my washcloths before gifting them.

Washing takes off the "finish" and makes the cloths more absorbent right away. I think the same would hold true for the bibs.
Yep, I wash and block.
I generally wash everything before gifting, especially cotton items. Washing gets rid of the 'finish' and shrinkage. Your bibs are adorable.
Thanks for all of your prompt replies - off to wash my bibs now!
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I was advised that mothers like the soap 'Dreft for Babies' 0-18mos, so I use that before gifting.I found and bought a smaller size bottle at Target as I am a grandmother, gift maker not in need of doing 36 loads of baby clothes washing.
If you wash them, you should use some vinegar in the wash to keep them from fading.
Not this mother! I wash everything in Charlie's Soap. I have a 3-month old and find Dreft to be very harsh and irritating. A double rinse is always appeciated!
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