Sunday, January 14, 2007


Fun with Photo Shop

I spent the good part of the morning sewing together mitered squares for a baby blanket. I am planning on adding a border, but wanted to take a couple of photos pre-border. When uploading the photos I decided to use a fun crop and came up with this mitered flower. I guess I am just wishing for spring.

So pretty! I'd love to see it with the border once you've got it all finished too. cheap propecia order propecia buy propecia propecia
I like the flower. It would make a great greating card.
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Love the blanket - great job!
This is great! I have been thinking of making a baby blanket, but wondered how large to make it.

Did you make the same size squares as in the book or are your squares larger?

Thank you!
Hi Nicole,

I did make the squares the same size as the book. I made 16 miters total and plan on a double color border. I am going to line it as I hate sewing in ends and there are a ton of them.
That is gorgeous. What is the yarn?
The yarn is just Peaches and Cream
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