Thursday, January 11, 2007


My first dishcloth of the new year

This isn't the best picture, I used my scanner. Camera is low on batteries. Anyway, I may plan on keeping this one. All the ones I've made so far have been given away. So this one may be a keeper. I have enough yarn to make another in the opposite colorway, so I could have a matching set. I think after I finish the felted purse I started, I may go back to my MDK log cabin. I've yet to post a picture of it because I want a lot more done on it first. Thanks for looking! Terrylee

Beautiful! I like the choice of colors.
I would not have picked the brown initially, but seeing it made up, it looks so nice. Thanks for posting.
Beautiful! I love those colors!
I would have never picked those colors but your's looks lovely! Will have to rethink the brown.
Thank you everyone! It was the varigated that drew me to the color, the only solid I could find was the brown, and it grew on me.
Great colours! I should commission you to make *me* some as it happens my bathroom towels are dark brown (this due to an unfortunate 70s tiling situation in my last apartment... brown and yellow tiles!)
Makes me think "CHOCOLATE"! I love the color and I love chocolate!

happy knitting :)
I think I made exactly the same colourway, and love it in reverse.
Cute! Love your color combinations. Oh-so-chocolately!
What a pretty cloth. I love brown! This shade reminds me of coffee with cream. Yum!
What colors of peaches & creme, I assume?, did you use?????
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