Saturday, January 13, 2007


More Advice Needed!

Ok, I've knit two kimonos and have a question. I get the feeling I've made a little mistake. I didn't knit any button holes or any other doo-dad into the garmet to close it. Namely, the pattern didn't really tell me how. :( I bought some ribbon to sort of feed through the loops and close it, but I'm not really sure if this is the best technique. Any ideas, folks? I don't know how to crochet, so keep that in mind when you reply.

Thanks so much for your help!


There are several different options. Some people have attached a clear snap to keep the garment closed. Although you said you don't crochet (I don't either) I attached a crocheted chain (very easy) on the end of the inside flap and then another chain attached to the inside border of the kimono so that mom can tie it closed. Mom's feedback on this method is very works well. I also attached a ribbon on the outside edge to tie closed. See what the outside looks like at my blog pictures are in the October posts.
When I made mine, last spring, I didn't make buttonholes either (mostly because I didn't know how yet!). I just bought some thin ribbon and used a normal sewing needle and thread to sew a piece of ribbon to the lapped-over edges.

Good luck!
Oh, and I forgot to say that, after having my daughter wear the kimono, i would put a snap inside, too, because the skinny end of the lapped-over front tends to poke out from underneath.

So: ribbon on the skinny end that shows, snap on the skinny end that's covered up, with corresponding ribbon or snap on the side seam area.

For mine I'm planning on knitting I-cords and sewing them to the side seam and the front, so it ties closed at the side.
Yup, I'm knitting I-cords too. Ribbon tends to look a little unhappy after a few washings. And I crocheted (sorry) a tie for the inside.
If you can knit, you have all the skills you'll need to crochet a simple chain- I put single crochet ties on the inside (one at the seam, one at the corner of the inside flap) and two ribbons on the outside as the photo in the book shows- but the single crochet chains would work there too I think, and maybe hold up better in the wash.
I used grosgrain ribbon, and after a few dozen washes, they still tie into perky bows...
Another method for making ties: Cast on stitiches for the length of the tie, then cast off all the stitches. Voila! a knitted tie similar to a crochet tie.
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