Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hi again! A few months ago, I posted about the pink kimono I made for a girl at my church. She didn't care for pink. Well, this time I made sure I checked into color preferences! I was invited to a shower for our formar pastor's wife, and her registry said "please, not too much pink." Preference noted. =) Anyway, I made this kimono out of TLC Cara Mia, a (discontinued) machine washable yarn with angora in it. It is so sweet and soft.

The only changes I made to the pattern are the same ones I made the first time--a knitted cast-on (instead of backward loop) and a sloped cast-off when shaping the sleeves.

As you can see, the sloped cast-off makes such a nice smooth edge on the sleeve.

There is a little more info about this kimono on my blog, and I invite you to stop by sometime. Have a great day, everyone!

P.S. I love seeing everyone's finished MDK stuff! I'm sure this knitalong is going to be around for a long, long time.

Your kimono is beautiful! I thought about weaving a ribbon through the YOs on mine too but decided against it. It's fun to see how it looks on yours. Thanks for sharing about the sloped cast off. I really want to try that.
I love this sloped bind off. Thanks for showing it to us. I'd never heard of it before. Love your kimono, too. --Sally
Wow! What a good technique tip! :) I will definitely use that next time, because I have been DREADING seaming this little thing! Thanks for the advice.
I am definitely going to use the sloped bind off for my next kimono! What a nice edge for seaming it makes.

Thank you!
Katie - that is so darling! I love the ribbon.

Thanks for including the info on the sloped cast off - I am going to try that on my next one.

Take care!
Beautiful kimono! That ribbon looks just fantastic, it just finishes it off perfectly.
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