Tuesday, January 16, 2007



I whipped up one of the dish cloths with some cute rainbow cotton Sugar n' Cream last week. I didn't use a contrasting color, but I think the results turned out great. Mr. Roosevelt might not think so, though. (He's the model of all things knitted at my house!) Haha.

We call this look the babushka.

Mr. Roosevelt is very tolerant (and very cute too). Nice dishcloth ...um, I mean babushka.
I love the colors in that, I've used just one varigated color too make these before :)
I'm surprised at how much definition you get using just the one color of rainbow yarn - I'll have to try that - and Mr. Roosevelt - what can I say, what a guy!
Ha ha ha hah....That picture is BEYOND cute!!!! What a good sport he is. You should print that as a notecard. Soooo freak'in C-U-T-E!!!
Oh, and your ballband is pretty sweet too;)
Yeah, I guess he is a pretty good sport! :) haha

I have to tell him, "OH, LOOK! You're sooooo FUNNY!" and he let's me put anything on him! Scarves, purses, blankets, laundry... List goes on and on!

Thanks for looking. More Mr. Roosevelt and stuff on my blog: http://houseofsteph.blogspot.com.
Oh my gosh! He could be my dog Scooby. They look like twins! Mine's a schnoodle, what's yours?
my dog would kill me!!!!
He's a westie. :) Thanks for the notes. He's famous on his myspace page. http://www.myspace.com/mr_roosevelt
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