Monday, January 15, 2007


Mitered Squares

For anyone who has done a mitered square blanket. What did you do for washing and blocking, each one individually, in bigger squares of four or the whole blanket (my dorm's not big enough!)? And a question regarding charitable knitting on my blog.

I steamed each square and blocked every four. In adding the border I am going to have to block the whole thing again. I made a baby blanket 16 miters total. I have seen a the whole thing in knit stich - no blocking required.
I did the garter stitch one from the blog and didn't block it at all. I added "sashes" about 2 inches wide around each block of 4 mitres.
I blocked each square before sewing together. I used different yarns and it helped make them the same size. I would make 8 or 10 squares and then pin them on a big beach towel until dry. It worked really well. Good luck.
I steamed each before sewing them together. This was mainly to flatten out the edges for seaming. It was a hassle, but I think worth it in the end. The finished thing did not requre additional blocking.
I also steam-blocked 4 squares and then sewed them together into a bigger square. I'm almost done with all the squares, then I'm planning on sewing the bigger squares into strips and then sewing the strips together.
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