Thursday, January 18, 2007


It's Finished!!

It has been forever since I last posted, but I've finally finished something worth looking at: a baby log cabin! This one happens to be a Random Chance log cabin, an idea I saw at Cara's blog here.

This was made with six colors, one skein each give or take a little, all Malabrigo. I started sometime in August, so I am really glad to have this ready. My freind is due in February, so I'm just in time!

Believe it or not - it's hard to see - this is the back.

I could wish for some sun, to make these photos pop more...Anyway, I am still working on an adult-sized baby Moderne in Silky Wool, but it goes much slower on those tiny needles, and I'm not sure I'm lovng my colors. I really want to steal the yarn for a sweater...

That is soooo beautiful. It reminds of a watercolor. You have done a wonderful job & should be very proud of yourself;)
Lovely, lovely, lovely......
Sun or no sun, it looks FANTASTIC. I agree with Susan re. watercolour effect.

That is simply gorgeous! I love it! Lucky, lucky baby.
Wow. You did a beautiful job. Your blanket is exquisite, on both sides.
I love this so much. Hard to believe the composition is RANDOM. Your colors are truly beautiful! xo Kay
Awesome. It is gorgeous.
Oh! Its gorgeous! I'm inspired ;) I've got 6 mo lead time (for friends!)
Wow, that is gorgeous!! I am making a silky wool one and love my colours, but am still tempted to steal for a sweater. Can't wait to see yours.
That's one beautiful blanket. The back
looks exactly the same as the front...did you make two and sew it together?

happy knitting :)
Aw, thanks for the compliments everyone! It's really my first large FO, even though I've been seriously knitting for a year, and on and off for four or five.

Actually, there are seams on the back, they just don't show up in the pic.
I love your colors!
That is a lovely blanket!
What are the dimensions?
It's approx. 30 by 40 inches. I don't think I would ever finish it if it were bigger!
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