Sunday, January 21, 2007


Curve of pursuit in progress...

...which I am doing log cabin style - stash busting and banishing past anxieties over a (long past) unfinished (hell, barely started!) Kaffe Fassett sweater. Lovely therapy for a blustery January...

And here is my other gloom buster for the cold weather (which I did today)... please ignore the hideous face below the hat :-)

I love the blanket--ode to Kaffe in a different pattern!
Gorgeous blanket. I love the colors.
I love your Curve of Pursuit, each color is a new side of a square? I have the pattern too and have started but just two boring colors.
I was planning to do a Curve of Pursuit in multiple colors as well - so it's nice to see what that will look like! Great work. Thanks for sharing!
What plum texan said :) Thanks for sharing. I wondered what a Curve of Pursuit would look like n multiple colors. Great work!
Thanks, all.

I don't think two colours are boring... in the least! (to anon.). Just that I had 21 (ACK!) 100 g balls of yarn with a memory full of baggage.

I'm thrilled with both the pattern and the way the colours are working out... when I'm done I'll try to post info on my blog for those interested in quantities for each colour. Looks like no more than 80-90 g will be needed for any one triangle (or so I hope!).
that square is such a lurvely take on the theme. bravo!
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