Monday, January 22, 2007


Nature Wool Log Cabin Blanket

Finally, a finished 2007 project. I love this blanket but it's a gift. So off it goes. I have enough Nature Wool left to make another, but I think I'll save those for some matching pillows. It's a good sign that as soon as I finished this project, I wanted to cast on for another log cabin blanket. It's a great project for knitting in a dark movie theater, where the bulk of this was knitted.

More details at my blog.

Looks fantastic! Would have a problem giving it away if I were you...
That is beautiful. It must hurt to give it away!
Wowwee-that's a gorgeous one! I looove it!
I love the depth of color in the yarn!
A work of Art! Simply gorgeous....A definate heirloom piece. Well done;)
Absolutely gorgeous!
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