Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Finished Miter square

I am thrilled with the finished project. I salute those of you who make an entire blanket!
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I'm currently working on a full size blanket and am wondering how you put your backing on?
Looks beautiful.

I blocked the blanket it was 28 X 28 pre pink border. I then cut the fabric 30 x 30. I used a washable fabric maker to help me make it square. I then pinned the fabric to a crib batting - stiched with the 2 inch fold in to the yellow border right below my bind off. I then added 2 rows of knit stich picking up off the edge . I found a darker color made it pop. I added ties at the center of every square to secure the backing. - check out my blog for more photos. Maybe you can use a sheet for your blanket?
Very beautiful! Love your choice of colors.
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