Wednesday, January 24, 2007


New Log Cabin Project

new squares

Inspired by a photo at Ann and Kay's blog, I bought some Jojoland Rhythm yarn and started knitting it into Log Cabin squares. The yarn changes color gradually, and I'm thrilled by the results! Each square was knitted from a different ball of Rhythm.

Now that's cool. That gives me so many ideas. What other yarns out there have gradual color changes? You've got my head spinning.
my head is spinning too! How much yarn will it take to do the blanket and what size needles?
I really like that look. Am I understanding correctly that each square is from one skein? So neat.
Love the way those colors change!
Faaaaaaaaaaab! Loving this!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see how the color shifts happen. The thing about this yarn that gets me is that you can buy ten balls of it, and each ball looks unique. Yet all the shades in the various balls work well together.
Beautiful, and it would make interesting mitres too, I'd bet. Thanks for sharing
This is going to be amazing. So much more 'shadowy' than the Noro color changes. Can't wait to see them put together.....xox Kay
Hi, all! I've been out of town and just read all the great comments. Thanks!! :)

To answer the technical questions...

I'm knitting with U.S. size 7 needles (bamboo straights). I bought 11 balls of yarn, but I can already tell that I have more than enough to make 12 squares at least, if I keep making them in the size I posted. (I've used about 3/4 of a ball of yarn for each one.)

The current plan is to knit up nine squares from nine separate balls of yarn, then make three "crazy squares" from the remainders. Or I'll use the remainders for a nutty border. I'm not sure yet.

As you can tell, I'm kind of winging this one. :) But it's a lot of fun! The colors have been very cheerful during our gray January in the NYC area.
I think I saw that on Ann and Kay's blog too, miter's out of that would be really fetching! It look's soft too.
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