Thursday, January 25, 2007


EZ Ribwarmer -- the final lap

Almost done! But I have some issues ....

First, the I-Cord edging. I love it, but it seems 2 rows look better. And it's taking almost as long as it did to knit the darn thing!

Second, and more seriously, what I call POOCHING. What the hell are these bumps? They're at the end of the short row shaping for the back. I haven't blocked yet, but am doubtful they'll flatten out. Should I cut, unravel and graft? Or be content with breast-like bumps right above my bum?

I think maybe you posted this to the wrong blog. I read both Zimmermania and MD KAL, so I was a bit confused at first. ("I know I clicked on my Mason Dixon link . . . but here's an EZ knit . . .) LOL.
Oh, I thought I was the only confused one here. I did a double take and swore that looked like EZ pattern
I suspect you've done the i-cord too tightly and it's causing the pooching.
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