Thursday, January 25, 2007


Garter Stitch Engineering Question (lm)

Yes, I AM an engineer and probably over think things, so please bear with me. I typically do a long tail cast on which I have read counts as a row of knit. So your first row you actually knit creates your first garter stitch "bump". OK Got that. Now when you cast off you knit and then pull the previous loop does *this* count as a row of knit? The reason I ask is to have the right number of complete Garter Stitch rows you need to have pairs of knit/purl rows. So is it ...

Cast on
row one- one ridge
knit row
knit row- two ridges
knit row
cast off- last ridge


Cast on
row on- one ridge
knit row
knit row- two ridges
knit row
knit row- last ridge
cast off (Doesn't count)

Generally, cast off doesn't count.

But really it is a matter of taste and of the effect you want to create.

Either way, you'll get the same number of ridges on the "right" side.

The question is whether a.) that last ridge is right on the edge, or b.) whether there is a little extra space, so that the distance between the last ridge and the edge is approximately equal to the distance between the garter ridges generally.
Seems to me, the first is correct. Since you knit the cast-off row as you're casting off, I would think it should count as half a ridge.
Well, if you're picking up the edge to continue knitting, like in the log cabin, then it'd doesn't count as an edge, since you make two new ridges when you pick up the new stitches (provided that you cast off and pick up on the right side).

If you cast off on the wrong side, then you would have half a ridge where you knit the right side and cast off on the wrong side.

So, no it doesn't count.
I have been debating this a bit myself in my moderne, and decided that it works best if the "picked up" row counts, but not the cast off, so I think the same would apply. But I agree, it is all what you like, you know, a "design element"
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