Monday, January 29, 2007


Pretty in Pink!

Modified Baby Bib O'Love.
Button detail ;)

Looks great! Molly Ringwald would be proud... :-)
Thanks! Hey, how funny is it that "Duckie" aka Jon Cryer is on Two and half Men now? Gotta love the 80's ;)
Just curious . . . how did you modify it? It looks great! Love the button.
Thanks Kelley. Nothing major, I just made one long strap that buttoned in the front instead of two short that buttoned in the back. That's it;)
I love the modification - I did that too but haven't quite finished the last few rows on the neck band.
I think the button at the front is brilliant. Should be easier to fasten on a wriggling baby.
I like that. I think it would be easier to put on a baby too.
That's a brilliant alteration! I love it!
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